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We focus on outsourcing services of the creation and launch of software for clients from various industries. With the tremendous expertise and reliability priorities, your business idea is in the right hands.

About Us

BuffYourIT is a software development company that provides a wide range of outsourcing IT services.

Today, our friendly team of top-skilled and experienced experts strives to achieve the successful development of the business of our clients. With a comprehensive background in implementing technical solutions in creating valuable and effective products, we follow the mission of helping businesses develop accessible and quality software without extra costs. Our company longs for the wellness of clients’ business and its prominent entrance to the market.

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We choose the most exclusive options for executing clients’ ideas by creating web applications.


We combine core languages with innovative frameworks to create unique products.

Full-stack development

We have many full-stack developers who are ready to create applications using front-end and back-end technology.

Boosted online presence

We help clients boost the online presence through their projects.

Multiple operating systems

BuffYourIT has vast experience in developing desktop applications for multiple systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms.

Add-ons and plugins

Our range of services includes add-ons and plugins for Adobe software, QuarkXPress, Skype, and more.


We create extensions for Microsoft Office and multiple Internet browsers.

Customized desktop development

With the latest technology and the customer-oriented approach, BuffYourIT ensures customization of products.

Multiple technologies

With the accumulated expertise in a wide range of technologies, we focus on creating convenient and excellent mobile applications.

iOS and Android applications

Our experienced developers are aware of all nuances of creating iOS and Android applications.

Cross-platform applications

Using HTML5 and JavaScript, we build cross-platform applications.

Hybrid apps

By combining different languages and frameworks, our team may implement a product on hybrid apps.

Customized cloud app development

We provide services for cloud application development, customization, and integration with other systems.

Modern technologies

We use Saas, Iaas, Paas, and Azure technologies to address customers’ challenges.

High security of apps

Our cloud-based apps are highly secure and scalable.

Customer-oriented approach

BuffYourIT develops and offers specific individual solutions for each client.

Technologies We Use

Owing to the modern annually accumulated expertise, BuffYourIT creates top-notch software. The team of developers utilizes only the most trusted technologies.


Solutions to Implement in Various Industries


By building reliable software, we guarantee efficient service for our clients, especially in organizing and optimizing their operations in B2B and B2C workspaces.


We help our clients realize their goals and ideas of humans’ sustainable and healthy personal development by creating unique programs on their demand.


Focusing on modern ad-tech solutions, our team creates the software that embodies all modern requests of marketing specialists regarding the work on projects with their colleagues.


As an expert in the entertaining field, our company strives to deliver exquisite customer service by implementing the latest technology solutions when developing media software.

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